How may I sign up into

You may sign up by clicking “Sign Up” section on the mainpage or you may easily sign up from here.

What should I pay attention to while creating new membership?

Be sure that the information you fill in the Membership Registeration Form is complete and correct. The password you create should be a one which you may easily remember but yet can not be predictable by someone else. The passwords containing digits and letters would be more secure.

Do I have to sign up to place a wholesale order?

You do not have to sign up for going through the website but to get access to the wholesale price per item and place a wholesale order with us, you are supposed to sign up. If you are already a member, then you are supposed to sign in.

In case you are interested in, you may sign up by clicking here and having your delivery address registered, you may quickly complete your next order, track your current order, add the items you like to the favorites and monitor your previous orders.   

 I forgot my password or I would like to change it. What am I supposed to do?

You may recreate your password by clicking here. In case you would like to change your password, you may easily go to “Change Password” through My Account Settings and change your current password.

If you keep having problem while changing and creating password or you do not remember the email address that you have used before while signing up; you may easily reach out to us via Whatsapp Support Line.  


How do I place an order?

Following you add the items that you would like to purchase to your basket; right after you fill in the address and payment forms on the basket page with the necessary informations, you may easily and quickly complete your purchase.  

If you have a technical problem while completing your order or you need further assistance; you may reach us via Whatsapp Support Line on Contact page. 

How do I pay on

On you may pay by all the credit cards which are used globally.

In case you wish, you may also make the payment by wiring money transfer. To do so, you are supposed to choose the transaction as payment method while completing your order. Afterwards, following we receive your order succesfully, our representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Bank Account Details for Transaction;


Receiver Address: Gursel Mah. Erzincan Sok. No:1 Kagithane / Istanbul / TURKEY

The name of the bank: Garanti BBVA
Branch Name and Number: Boğaziçi Ticari Şubesi 1666 
Account Number: 9091267
Swift Code: TGBATRIS
IBAN Number: TR17 0006 2001 6660 0009 0912 67

How long may I keep items at my cart?

There is no time limit when you add items to your cart. Unless you remove them or items are out of stock, the items that you have added to cart previously will remain at your cart. Kindly be informed that does not reserve the items in your cart for you. 

Is the VAT included in the price per piece?

The VAT is already included in the price per item.

Is the shipping cost included in my bulk order?

No, the shipping cost is not included in your wholesale order. While you make the payment through the site, you only pay for the items that you would like to purchase. In addition to this, the shipping process normally belongs to the wholesale buyer. If you already work with a cargo agent / runner in İstanbul, then we may easily have your parcel delivered to the cargo agent that you point out. On the contrary, if you do not work with a cargo agent in İstanbul, then we may take up an offer from FEDEX on behalf of you. Following your confirmation on the shipping cost and wiring the transaction for shipping fees, your parcel will be shipped to your address by FEDEX.

How long does it take to receive my parcel?

In case you request your parcel to be shipped out by FEDEX while completing your order, right after we receive the shipping cost in good order, your parcel will be picked up by FEDEX from our HQ within next 24 hours. It would take you roughly 7-10 business days to receive it depending on the country.


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