Is it possible to buy stock from the website to resell in my country?

Yes, you may easily buy stock through the website to re-sell in your country.

Is it still possible to buy stock from the website for reselling even if I do not have a physical store / boutique in my country?

Yes, it is still possible to buy stock from the website for re-selling though you do not have a physical store / boutique in your country. Nevertheless, if you have your own multi-brand store, please ensure you provide us with the detailed information like square meters, location, the name of other brands that you work with, and the store images if possible.          

May I learn your terms and conditions regarding wholesale?

We quote our prices in USD per piece. We sell on lot basis when it comes to the new season; each lot (per style) contains 4 pieces; from 36 to 42. On the other hand, you may add one piece per style to your basket if you shop from previous collections as long as your total purchase value is at least 1.000 USD.

In addition to this, in case you would like to purchase big sizes, please reach out to us through Whatsapp Support Line in English.

How may I also receive wholesale catalogue with wholesale prices?

You may easily download the wholesale catalogues by clicking on aforementioned brand…

What is MOQ for wholesale?

When you shop from the new current season, you are supposed to purchase at least one lot (4 pieces) for each style (per color type). Nevertheless, you may add one piece (any size) per style to your basket once you shop from previous collections. To sum up, the total purchase value of your basket should be at least 1.000 USD.  

Do you work on consignment basis?

No, we do not work on consignment basis. Following we receive the full payment; we have the parcel delivered / shipped to.

Do you accept Return & Exchange?

Unless there is a fabrication flaw or damage, the return or exchange of the goods is not acceptable. The goods returned to us after a month will not be accepted.

Is the shipping cost included in wholesale price?

No, the shipping cost is not included in wholesale prices that you see on the site. In addition to this, the shipping process normally belongs to the wholesale buyer. If you already work with a cargo agent / runner in İstanbul, then we may easily have your parcel delivered to the cargo agent that you point out. On the contrary, if you do not work with a cargo agent in İstanbul, then we may take up an offer from FEDEX on behalf of you. Following your confirmation on the shipping cost and wiring the transaction for shipping fees, your parcel will be shipped to your address by FEDEX.

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