Gizia, as one of the pioneers of the concept of accessible luxury both in Turkey and in the world, continues to expand its customer base in the fashion and textile industries day by day thanks to its sophisticated and elegant collection, successful merchandising network, and online wholesale platform. Gizia creates collections which offer timeless style and embrace high fashion vision thanks to its strong, striking, sophisticated, and feminine design approach. Gizia combines its design power with the quality mindset from yarn to fabric and all accessories by adapting the haute couture techniques to ready-to-wear clothing. Gizia collection has a wide-range of apparels which consist of natural materials such as embroidery chiffons in striking color and patterns, lace and brode, transparent organza, linen and silk. You may meet your different needs such as an elegant dress for an invitation or a wedding; or may be a comfortable but also stylish daily outfit, a scarf that you are looking for as a gift, a fancy bag, at Gizia. You may rest assured that our customer service team is on hand to assist you every step of the way with your wholesale order.
Founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Gizia Group, Kiwe has come to appeal to young women preferring unique and different styles and to those women who feel always young. Well admitted by the customers who like purchasing good-quality items with affordable prices, Kiwe endures generating a unique style which is lively and not afraid of being differentiated but yet expresses itself with a free spirit. With the help of huge collection, Kiwe is delighted to introduce to you various items which are easily combined with in a true harmony any moment at anywhere…
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